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One size does not fit all.


New innovative solutions by partnering with startups!




At Sally Gunnell Health and Wellbeing we recognize that one size does not fit all. Organisations of different sizes have different priorities and these can also often change. New management brings new ideas and goals.

Our collective team experience can help you find a solution that does. Our simple cost effective, innovative solutions can help save

your organisation money and improve employee engagement and recruitment and retention rates.

We work with organisations to help them understand what is right for them.

This is sometimes at the start of their journey when our experienced team can draw on our extensive knowledge of what has worked well in similar organisations.

Or it may be when organisations feel they need help to refresh or change their current strategy.

The team at SGH&W pride themselves not only keeping up to date with what is working well, through peer reviews and evidenced based research from the What works Wellbeing NGO but by also working in conjunction with new tech start ups are able to offer innovative solutions.

At SGH&W we partner with both organisations and help them

develop a solution that helps them solve the issue that they are struggling with. We have found that by using targeted cutting edge technology, in this way a can have a really positive impact on employee engagement scores, as well as recruitment and retention.

Having implemented a new programme or initiative SGH&W will help you assess it’s success.

The ability to measure wellbeing fundamentally improves the way companies gauge their prosperity and progress.

Trusted health and wellbeing metrics demonstrate that success is more than the sum of traditional economic indicators, because it includes so much more — the things that are important to us.

Contact us to find out how we can help you find a simple solution for your specific in house issues or to evaluate your current programme and see where we can suggest some additional ideas.
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